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more_vertM-4033-F975 | 9.75 F-150 RAPTOR AXLE DIFFERENTIAL COVER

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M-4033-F975 | 9.75 F-150 RAPTOR AXLE DIFFERENTIAL COVERclose

9.75" F-150 Raptor Differential Cover..

more_vertAuburn Gear Ford 9.75" 34 Spline HP Series Differential

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Auburn Gear Ford 9.75" 34 Spline HP Series Differentialclose

Auburn HP Series differentials outperform all competitors in terms of torque bias performance. Only the Pro Series from Auburn provides more torque bias. Torque bias is the ability of any limited slip differential to transfer torque from the low traction wheel to the high traction wheel. Its Auburns unique cone clutch arrangement that provides the mechanical advantage over plate-type and g..